SMU Sikh Turban Day

smu turban day.The Sikhs at SMU held a turban day as well, and here’s a neat photo from it.

sonny caberwal
Check out Sonny’s Video Interview. I like what he says and he did a great job speaking from the heart.

I too remember watching the events of 9/11 unfold on a big screen in the Frist campus center. When members of the Taliban were shown on television, I could feel everyone look at the screen, and look at me, and then look back at the screen, and look at me again. I wanted to jump in front of the screen and say, “Hey friends, look, that’s not me, see my turban’s actually much neater, I match the color with my clothes, it’s worn for religious purposes, and 97% of all turban wearing folks in the US are Sikhs–not the blatant stereotype that’s forming in your head as you watch CNN in these key formative moments.” Of course I would follow it by saying we should never make assumptions about people just by the way they look, and that even if their stereotype were true I’m still my own person and the actions of a few do not represent a whole group. Anyway check out Sonny’s video. :) Update: Added the youtube clip. Update: Sonny Singh made the Front Page of the Times of India as well.

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  • Turban Attack in Hoboken

    Surprising stuff:

    Woman charged with trying to rip turban off Sikh man’s head

    A woman was arrested early this morning and charged with trying to rip the turban off a Sikh man’s head in a Washington Street bar, police said.

    “I went to the bar to place an order, and I realized that someone was trying to get my turban off my head,” said 38-year-old Hansdip Singh Bindra, of Union City, who was at Madison Bar and Grill with a colleague just after midnight. “You’re out for an evening with colleagues and this is the last thing you’d expect.”

    Also see: Turban Makes News in Hoboken, and a press release by the Sikh Coalition.

    Having grown up in New Jersey I’ve never experienced anything like this, but I’m glad Hansdip called the police, who were quick to respond and did take appropriate action.

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