Upcoming SikhRI Webinars

Here are the upcoming SikhRI webinars. They all seem pretty awesome, I’ll try to check out at least a few. You can register online here:

SikhRI Webinar Registration

And here’s a screenshot from the registration site:

My humble challenge to the speakers is to present some new, engaging content, or present content in a new, compelling way, as many of us have heard each one of these speakers many times in the past decade. I have no doubt that they will deliver and I admire and respect all of them. ;)

Furthermore, SikhRI is hosting a fundraiser in the New York City area, on October 25th from 7-10pm. As you can see, SikhRI does some amazingly progressive, professional, Guru-centered work. For more details on the fundraiser, which will feature a talk by Harinder Singh, contact Mandhir Singh at 201-936-3838 or mandhir.singh [at] gmail.com.

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  • SikhRI: Sidak 2 week summer program

    Now in it’s sixth year, Sidak is back from July 13 - 26, 2008. Organized by the Sikh Research Institute, the program creates leaders grounded firmly in the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and Guru Panth. The courses offered make it seem like the beginnings of America’s first Sikh-focused institution of higher learning: Sikhi 101 & 201, and Gurbani 101. I would certainly like to go, if not this year, then perhaps next.

    Check out this great, professionally made informational video. ;)

    I have also included all the associated documents after the jump.