Check out the rockin’ campaign of Harpreet Singh for Richmond City Council. He’s already been on the council for the last two years, and he’s up for reelection.

He’s got a great slogan:

“When you wear a turban to school everyday, you learn to stand up when you stand out.”

Here’s the full literature.

His campaign is on the cutting edge — see a full set of YouTube videos posted by his supporters. Good luck Harpreet, let us know how we can help.

Some You Tube Videos.

Harpreet Speaks to the Contra Costa Times:

Harpreet puts the City First:

It’ll be interesting to follow this campaign. Thanks to Satinder Singh for the tip!

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  • Congrats to Anisha Kaur, who won the staff recognition award at the University of Connecticut for her outstanding work over the last five years as an academic advisor.

    Full story: UConn Kicks off School Year With Celebration

    Academic advisor Anisha Chanana is receiving the staff recognition award this year. Chanana advises hundreds of students a year and administers the Links program, which is intended to get struggling students off academic probation.

    But for Chanana, 28, the recognition is bittersweet. After five years as an academic advisor at UConn Stamford, and after being nominated every year for the University of Connecticut’s advisor of the year award, Chanana is leaving UConn next Friday to get married and move to Canada.

    Congrats on the wedding as well, Anisha! And thanks, Sachdeep, for the tip.

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  • Speaking of the Sikh Research Institute, they recently reported on Arpinder Kaur, a pilot for American Airlines. The SikhRI Press Release is titled “First Turbaned Sikh Pilot In America.” Congrats Arpinder Kaur! You’re well on your way to being the first Captain!

    The Sikh Research Institute is proud to share the news that Kaur is now the first turbaned Sikh pilot to fly for a commercial airline in the United States. “Two of the reasons I did this were: first, my love of flying and, second, to set a precedent for the community so they know you can be in your Sikh appearance and do anything out there; so that my younger brothers and sisters [the rising generation] will pursue their passions while practicing their Sikh faith,” Kaur said.

    I remember meeting Arpinder Kaur a few years ago at a retreat in Portland, where she shared her vision of being a Sikh pilot. True to her word, she’s achieved it! Here’s a YouTube video by friend of sikhswim Raj Singh:

    And here’s the full press release.

    Read this document on Scribd: Sikh Pilot
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  • Here’s a nice video of Jujhar, Himmat, and Josh Singh. Would be nice to meet them sometime.

    All three of these guys are really sharp. The speak eloquently about Sikhi and and cite their parents as keys to their success. Keep it up boys!

    Here’s the related coverage on other notable blogs:
    spirit born people

    Washington Times: Sleek Sikh

    cole-model4.jpgThe Washington Times belief blog posted an interview with Sonny Singh. Here are some choice quotes:

    “I’ve heard from thousands of people around the world on how they appreciated this,” Mr. Caberwal said. He hopes his day in the sun will encourage Sikh youth, whose unusual headcovering makes them stand out in a crowd.

    “Having a unique identity can be a very lonely road to walk down,” the model said. “Fighting against a negative stereotype is consistantly tough.”

    All Sikhs know what it’s like to be harassed, he said, and his brother-in-law has endured worse: physical threats, job descrimination and taunts just for being confused with Muslims. Kenneth Cole had heard of what Sikhs endure, he said, and wanted to include a Sikh in an ad campaign to introduce the concept that Sikhs are normal folk who wear cool clothes and think like us.

    Jaideep Singh is managing director of ZS Associates. Thanks Jay Paul Singh for the tip, who writes: “…his presence and involvement in the pharma world helps young pharma sardars like me!” Adding this to the ‘role model’ category. ;)

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  • Gurkirat SinghThe United States Tennis Association recognized Gurkirat Singh as the #1 ranked tennis player in New Jersey in the 16’s age group. Thanks to Sachdeep Singh for the tip. Congrats Gurkirat!

    Sikhs fill Mehfil Magazine

    Sikhs in MehfilWe previously reported on Parminder Singh’s success — and it looks like Mehfil Magazine is catching up. Parminder Singh is on the cover, flanked by Sonny Singh and some other Sikhs that I haven’t heard of until now, like Jatinder Singh, the guy that started “sikhcess” — the worldwide movement designed to feed the needy. Some great stuff to read, check it out, and click on my screenshot to see what I mean.

    Darsh Singh: Always a winner

    darsh singh
    Darsh Singh is the man. And this article does a great job of telling us why. It’s always great to see folks that maintain the ideals of Sikhi and translate them directly into success in all aspects of life. Anyway check out the full article. Kudos to Bhajneet Singh for reporting this to the sikhswim staff when the story was first reported.

    Always a winner – that’s Darsh Singh

    Sikh Spotting: Jay Paul Singh

    jay paul
    Sachdeep Singh reported this story to the Sikhswim staff a few days ago. Not much on Jay in the article, but it’s a nice photo for sure. Besides being a great pharmacist, Jay is also a great runner — he won the 400m dash at the Sikh Games last year!

    Pharmacy Times Article

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