iTunes Kirtan has Explicit Lyrics

As you probably know, there’s quite a bit of kirtan available for purchase on iTunes. To my surprise, while surfing the iTunes store today, I happened across some kirtan erroneously marked as “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.” I just thought it was funny — obviously there are no explicit lyrics in kirtan. Or are there? ;)

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  • Learn Sikh Kirtan - Jap Man Satnam

    Here’s something new that I just did in the last half-hour — made a YouTube video of a shabad, so anyone can watch and learn.

    You can view the full shabad and translation here on SikhiToTheMax: Jap Man Satnam

    Here’s how it works — the asthai (the refrain) is “Jap Man Satnam, Sada Satnam, satnam, satnam, satnam, satnam”

    The antra is in two parts - 1) “Eccha purakh sarab sukhdata har,” and 2) “ja ke vas hai kaamdena.”
    All other lines are sung like the antra, except, “Jeh har simran bhaiya, teh oopad gat keeni, nit dhiaye har purakh niranjana” which is actually split into two part 1’s — and then a part 2.

    Why did I choose this shabad? My aunt in Kenya wanted to learn it. :) So what does it mean? Well, the shabad is written by Guru Ram Dass, and in it, he asks that his mind (’man’) always be focused on the True Name (’satnam’).

    Anyway let me know if you actually use this video to learn and perform the shabad. I also take requests. ;)

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  • So while doing some kirtan yesterday I decided to make a recording. A friend of mine had requested this particular shabad so I decided to record it, and I might as well just post it for your criticism here. I learned this particular tune from the ever-knowledgeable Bhai Parkash Singh.

    The shabad has a rather strong meaning. In it, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru, writes that he has found love to be false in this world, because no one — not your dad, mom, brother, sister, husband or wife — will go along with you in the end. Of course this is true, but it’s just one of those things that are a little on the serious side. Here’s a link to the entire shabad at sikhitothemax.

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