Nirmal Singh opened a session of the Pennsylvania Senate yesterday. PennLive has an article with details. Here’s the audio, and I quickly transcribed what he said here. I really like what Nirmal Singh put together, check it out!

Join me in the prayer. Ek On Kar, Sat Nam, There is but One God, True is His Name.

We pray, to the One God, Who created this universe, with all its colorful diversity, rang, as we call it
We pray to the One God, under whose Divine Ordinance, Hukam, this Universe abides
We pray to sabna jia ka ik data, the one god who provides for and sustains all this creation
Pray, give us the understanding that this world is a dharamsal, an arena for righteous living –
much of what people can accomplish in life, happens through their own Kal, their endeavor
We pray for kirpa, thy divine mercy, to enable us all to be prayerful, to enable us all to provide for our families,
enable us all to share with those in need, and enable us all not to shy away from doing what is right
that truly is the righteous way

Help us pray help us nurture a society, where we all live as a fraternity, with none feeling excluded or treated as a stranger
Where we say some, and listen some, where we bring harmony peace, caring and sharing to our corporate, communal lives, and help each and every one of us, to grow, develop, and contribute towards a common good.

We pray for this sangat, this assembly, heavy is your responsibility and difficult are the choices you have to make as leaders of the people.
We pray for you individually and collectively to be blessed with the wisdom to conduct your business today and everyday in service of and for the well being of the citizens of this commonwealth.
We close this prayer as always seeking tere bhane sarbat ka bhala — that the well being of one and all in this world be thy will.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

So while doing some kirtan yesterday I decided to make a recording. A friend of mine had requested this particular shabad so I decided to record it, and I might as well just post it for your criticism here. I learned this particular tune from the ever-knowledgeable Bhai Parkash Singh.

The shabad has a rather strong meaning. In it, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru, writes that he has found love to be false in this world, because no one — not your dad, mom, brother, sister, husband or wife — will go along with you in the end. Of course this is true, but it’s just one of those things that are a little on the serious side. Here’s a link to the entire shabad at sikhitothemax.

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