On Common Ground [Watch Now]

The US Department of Justice and SALDEF produced this video to educate all police and government agencies about the Sikh American community. It is, bar none, the most professional video I’ve seen to date and really hits all the pertinent issues head on.

You can watch the full movie online, or you can get a DVD copy by contacting SALDEF.

A Dream in Doubt

Official PBS Page, with Trailer (Click “Watch Preview”)

A critical exploration of the American Dream and how it plays out for the Sodhi family — just another Sikh family making a life in the United States. It’s a great piece of work — and it’s also been shown nationwide on PBS’s independent lens series in May 2008. I had the opportunity to preview the film at the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, PA at an exclusive screening in April. It’s an excellent film to show in a high school social studies class or to your friends in college.

The official website lists the many awards and accolades the film as won and explains how to screen it in your area. It doesn’t look like they’re selling it to the general public just yet, but as soon as they do you’ll find a link here!

The Sikh Next Door

The Sikh Next Door is a 15-minute video that accompanies a full diversity curriculum for grades K-12. It was produced immediately after 9/11 and was funded by a grant from Chevron. It was developed in partnership with schools, administrators, and educators, and is a great video to show in your classroom or to your friends as a student in America. I wish I had this when I was a kid! :)

Order Direct from the Sikh Next Door Website, cost: $90.


Amu is a great movie that handles the topic of 1984 quite well. You can read more about it in my quick review or see the website at

You can order the DVD of Amu at Cost: $20.

Divided We Fall

I think I’ve mentioned this flick a few times in various posts — I first saw it a couple years ago at the Toronto Spinning Wheel Film Festival. It tells the untold story of the post-9/11 reality in America. It’s extremely professional and everyone should see it.
Check out the film and buy it at Cost: $25.

Animated Films: Sahibzadey, Rise of the Khalsa, and Sundri

These films are just incredible — I wish I had them when I was a kid. High quality, professionally produced, and filled with great messages and ideals. You can buy these flicks at