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Learn Sikh Kirtan - Jap Man Satnam

Here’s something new that I just did in the last half-hour — made a YouTube video of a shabad, so anyone can watch and learn.

You can view the full shabad and translation here on SikhiToTheMax: Jap Man Satnam

Here’s how it works — the asthai (the refrain) is “Jap Man Satnam, Sada Satnam, satnam, satnam, satnam, satnam”

The antra is in two parts - 1) “Eccha purakh sarab sukhdata har,” and 2) “ja ke vas hai kaamdena.”
All other lines are sung like the antra, except, “Jeh har simran bhaiya, teh oopad gat keeni, nit dhiaye har purakh niranjana” which is actually split into two part 1’s — and then a part 2.

Why did I choose this shabad? My aunt in Kenya wanted to learn it. :) So what does it mean? Well, the shabad is written by Guru Ram Dass, and in it, he asks that his mind (’man’) always be focused on the True Name (’satnam’).

Anyway let me know if you actually use this video to learn and perform the shabad. I also take requests. ;)

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  • Here’s some footage from the Sikh Sabha of New Jersey Turban Tying Competition in May of this year. I was too old for the competition, but I got to hang around and be a sacrificial subject to ‘calibrate’ the judges. ;) We took the video in fun, but the event had a great message: we should tie our Dastaars with unrelenting confidence and pride in who we are. There’s actually quite a bit of awesome video from the Mela that I should probably clip together. This is the first movie I’ve ever made — it’s just the beginning.

    Anyway, do you think this video is appropriate for submission in the SikhNet Film festival? At the old age of 27 I don’t qualify for any prizes. ;)

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  • March for Sikh Children

    The Sikh Coalition coordinated a march for Sikh children in response to the recent wave of attacks on Sikh kids in New York area schools. Here are some photos and news reports from the event.

    CBS Video: Queens Residents March Against School Bias Attacks

    Fox Video: Sikhs Protest in Queens

    New York Times: Queens Sikhs March Against Bias Crimes

    Sikh Pulse: United Front

    Check out this amazing video clip from the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric:

    Here’s the full article: Teaching Not Preaching in CA Bible Belt

    Now take a minute to contrast this situation with what’s going on in New York City schools. I present to you the direct quote below:

    But in Modesto, the lessons aren’t about distant cultures, so much as about the student at the next desk.

    “So the only religion that actually requires the wearing of the turban would be what faith?” Taylor asked her students.

    “Sikhs,” students answered.

    Jaskirat Brar, a devout member of Modesto’s Sikh community, may stand out at Johansen High. But thanks to the world religions course he also fits in.

    “Kids get to learn what I am and clear up misconceptions they have about me,” he said.

    “Because we have the world religions course, the students are aware of what’s happening in our community and that certainly is something to celebrate,” Taylor said.

    “Probably the best thing that I learned [is] how to respect the cultures and the religions and what they believe,” one student said.

    Great job Modesto School District! You guys are an example for the rest of the country.

    Here’s a nice video of Jujhar, Himmat, and Josh Singh. Would be nice to meet them sometime.

    All three of these guys are really sharp. The speak eloquently about Sikhi and and cite their parents as keys to their success. Keep it up boys!

    Here’s the related coverage on other notable blogs:
    spirit born people

    To Forgive is Divine

    A great report on the Sukhvir Singh case by KCTS featuring good friend of Sikh Swim, Hardeep Singh. Check it out below!

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  • Jaideep Singh is managing director of ZS Associates. Thanks Jay Paul Singh for the tip, who writes: “…his presence and involvement in the pharma world helps young pharma sardars like me!” Adding this to the ‘role model’ category. ;)

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  • Sikh Turban Day - a CBS report

    Neat video report for Fremont Gurdwara’s Sikh Turban Day, check it out

    Sikh Turban Day

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  • Sikh on the Richard Bey Show

    Circa 1990 (anyone know the exact date?) a Sikh was featured on the Richard Bey show, a local New York City program. This charismatic young fellow (who is a few years my senior and now a well-respected doctor that organizes Health Fairs at gurdwaras) won the #1 fan competition. It’s an interesting clip, because Richard says a few things that may be considered a bit “off” today. At the same time, Varinder Singh shines through as the ultimate fan–his tenacity, dedication, and sheer entertainment value made him an easy first choice. He says, “I don’t smoke dope, I don’t drink bourbon, all I want to do is shake my turban.” I think I first heard that line from the Sikh Elvis impersonator–but that’s a different story. Anyway, with all the recent hoopla around Kenneth Cole Singh, what do you think of Richard Bey Singh?

    The benefit of the Kenneth Cole campaign is that the focus is on Sonny the Sikh Entrepreneur. (I think that’s the title of a children’s book–Sonny the Sikh). Richard does make a joke about “Sikh”, but that’s not the focus of the program anyway. It’s just entertainment. I guess after watching this video again, it just makes me feel really glad that we have things like Kenneth Cole Singh, Waris Singh, and other prominent, positive representations in the American media.

    sonny caberwal
    Check out Sonny’s Video Interview. I like what he says and he did a great job speaking from the heart.

    I too remember watching the events of 9/11 unfold on a big screen in the Frist campus center. When members of the Taliban were shown on television, I could feel everyone look at the screen, and look at me, and then look back at the screen, and look at me again. I wanted to jump in front of the screen and say, “Hey friends, look, that’s not me, see my turban’s actually much neater, I match the color with my clothes, it’s worn for religious purposes, and 97% of all turban wearing folks in the US are Sikhs–not the blatant stereotype that’s forming in your head as you watch CNN in these key formative moments.” Of course I would follow it by saying we should never make assumptions about people just by the way they look, and that even if their stereotype were true I’m still my own person and the actions of a few do not represent a whole group. Anyway check out Sonny’s video. :) Update: Added the youtube clip. Update: Sonny Singh made the Front Page of the Times of India as well.

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