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UN Headquarters, New York City. UNITED SIKHS has become the first Sikh advocacy, humanitarian relief and human development Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to be associated with the United Nations, through its Department of Public Information (DPI).

In a letter addressed to UNITED SIKHS, dated 12th December, the head of the NGO section of DPI, Juan Carlos Brandt, said, “The committee on NGOs met in December…and I am pleased to inform you that the committee approved UNITED SIKHS for association with the department, effective immediately.”

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  • Sikh Air Travelers’ Guide

    It’s here, the jointly produced Sikh Air Travel Guide. What’s remarkable about this document is not its content, but the collaborative effort that produced it. SALDEF, SikhCoalish (just coined the term), and United Sikhs, three organizations usually vying for the community’s donation dollars by claiming to be the “oldest” or “largest” Sikh advocacy group, jointly authored the document. It’s included for your perusal below.