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Canadian Sikhs at the Olympics

So something totally random and cool happened recently. The Sikhs on the Canadian Olympic team all donned “Canadian Red” turbans for the opening ceremony. Unfortunately I haven’t found many great pictures of the occurrence — just this one featured on sikhchic. Way to show your pride for your country and your roots.

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  • Gurkirat SinghThe United States Tennis Association recognized Gurkirat Singh as the #1 ranked tennis player in New Jersey in the 16’s age group. Thanks to Sachdeep Singh for the tip. Congrats Gurkirat!

    Sikhs Run Across Canada, Summer 2009

    The Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation is planning an ambitious nationwide relay run this summer, to commemorate the group’s 10th anniversary. The stated objectives are to raise money for underprivileged kids and promote awareness about Sikhi. As a fairly regular runner, I can say that this looks to be an exciting event. Check out the planning slide deck below for details on the relay (source page) and contact Parminder Kaur [p flora 23 at yahoo . com] for more information.

    Read this doc on Scribd: ACR Meeting 5

    The Guru Gobind Singh children’s foundation is a youth run initiative has been raising money for underprivileged children in developing countries since 1999. Not only has the foundation raised tens of thousands of dollars, but it has also brought mainstream recognition for Sikhi.

    The foundation’s main fund raiser each year is a relay run. In the past they have done runs from Toronto to Ottawa, Niagara Falls to Toronto and 24 hour runs in addition to a wide variety of runs and fund raisers.

    To celebrate the foundation’s 10th anniversary in 2009, the youth are planning a relay run across Canada.
    The run run will raise money for children as well as raise awareness of Sikhi in Canada.

    The initial planning groundwork is in process and now the foundation mostly requires a large source of volunteers to actually take part in the run.

    The Sikh Swim Cap

    So a recent post on sikhchic reminded me that I forgot to share my secret technique for swimming while Sikh. I’ve attached the following image, which should benefit anyone with long hair. I don’t claim to have invented this technique, but I hope the graphic gets the point across. You’re basically extending the size of a single swimming cap by making a ‘tube’ out of a second one. It creates a great seal and really does keep more of your hair dry!


    Darsh Singh: Always a winner

    darsh singh
    Darsh Singh is the man. And this article does a great job of telling us why. It’s always great to see folks that maintain the ideals of Sikhi and translate them directly into success in all aspects of life. Anyway check out the full article. Kudos to Bhajneet Singh for reporting this to the sikhswim staff when the story was first reported.

    Always a winner – that’s Darsh Singh

    The UK Television Program “Desi DNA” recently featured a deep-dive on Gatka, the Sikh Martial art. Gatka combines spirituality with discipline and melds strength with wisdom. It is one of the reasons I love Sikhi–you’re supposed to be both mentally and physically strong, and use that strength to help people. The clip features The Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara, a group I had the opportunity to train with in September 2005 at the West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance Summer Camp. I have a distinct memory of grappling with a fellow trainee while tumbling down a steep hill in driving rain and the pain of getting punched in the abs and face repeatedly, while being totally covered in mud. And I am stronger for it. I warn you though, the beginning of the video is a little silly.

    Many great quotes from the video, for example:
    “You’ve got the spirit of a warrior, and the soul of a saint.” - Tejji Bhaaji

    Awesome little video on Kabaddi in California. I had no idea you could be a Pro Kabaddi player in Canada. For those that don’t know, Kabaddi is an age-old Punjabi game that requires strength, speed, and tenacity. The last time I played Kabaddi was at the fabled Lohgarh Retreat Sikh Youth Camp in 2003.

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  • November 18, 2007
    9:00 amto4:00 pm

    sikh sportsThe Sikh Sports Association is hosting a marathon at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, CA on November 18th. We need more events like this! I don’t know who’s racing, but I’d put my money on Dilpreet Singh, because he’s a Sikh marathon runner from California that has participated in many events. If I had known about this a little more in advance, I would have trained for it, because there’s a lot of prize money to be won: The winner of the 13 mile race gets $1000! Full details and registration available at this link.

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