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surreygill.jpgFriend of sikhswim Inderpal Singh put in some effort and raised $10,000 from the Sikh community to create a $1,000 yearly scholarship in honor of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Excellent work Inderpal Singh!

Full Story: Surrey Leader.

Tarun SinghWow, this is great news. Congrats to Tarun Singh, the winner of a $10,000 Sikh scholarship from the Sikh Scholarship Foundation. The fact that we have a Sikh Scholarship Foundation that actually awards scholarship is amazing, and the winner, Tarun, is excellent. Though I’ve never met him, my brief correspondence with him has been rewarding in itself.

Let’s not forget how great an achievement this is. Zillions of small groups award scholarships for various reasons in the US, and are usually backed by very large funds and endowments. And now we have a foundation dedicated to awarding budding Sikh youth that are on the path to success by society’s standards as well as Sikhi’s standards. Yes!

If I were in school now I’d apply for this scholarship!

Congrats again Tarun Singh! The full press release from the Sikh Scholarship Foundation is after the jump.