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Congrats to all the sewadars that made this event a Sikhcess!


On Saturday, at the Lawrence Gurudwara Sikh temple on Bakers Basin Road, nearly 100 volunteers turned out to put together 6,000 food packages assembly-line style as part of the British Columbia-based Sikhcess’ “Feed the Homeless Campaign.”

Those food packages were then brought to New York, where an additional 4,000 were made and distributed throughout the city and in New Jersey. Similar efforts have also been under way to benefit other areas, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Vancouver and Toronto.

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Another great example of self-less service (sewa):

“In total, they planned to give away 4,500 jackets, 15,000 pairs of socks and 12,000 pairs of gloves to shelters and service agencies in Tracy, Stockton and San Jose.”

“About 300 years ago, our guru’s 6-year-old son, Baba Fateh Singh, and 8-year-old son, Baba Zorawar Singh, were kept in a cold chamber for three days in the month of December.”

Their captors were trying to force the boys to convert. The children refused, and their heads were cut off.

“In honor of their sacrifice, some Sikh families have gotten together to run this coat drive,” the flier read.

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