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Video: On Common Ground

All TSA Screeners are required to watch this movie before Thanksgiving 2007. It’s been produced by the United States Department of Justice Community Relations Service, and the Sikh American Legal Defense Fund. It does a great job of explaining who Sikhs are, and what to do as a TSA screener or law-enforcement officer interacting with Sikhs. It also provides a great general overview for interested citizens.

UPDATE: 2/6/2007 You can now watch this video at higher quality on the DOJ Site!

Update: 11/30/2007 SALDEF reports that over 60,000 law enforcement officials have watched this video!

Welcome to, a blog tracking the history and experiences of, and shaping the future for, the Sikh community in America and the world. I know, it sounds grand. But we’re starting small, really small. This first post is about a racial profiling study. The study is an attempt to prove that racial profiling is a waste of time and resources–so please fill it out! Here’s the form.

UPenn Profiling Study

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