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Check out the rockin’ campaign of Harpreet Singh for Richmond City Council. He’s already been on the council for the last two years, and he’s up for reelection.

He’s got a great slogan:

“When you wear a turban to school everyday, you learn to stand up when you stand out.”

Here’s the full literature.

His campaign is on the cutting edge — see a full set of YouTube videos posted by his supporters. Good luck Harpreet, let us know how we can help.

Some You Tube Videos.

Harpreet Speaks to the Contra Costa Times:

Harpreet puts the City First:

It’ll be interesting to follow this campaign. Thanks to Satinder Singh for the tip!

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  • I’ve attached the full letter. Here’s a key paragraph:

    “We are concerned that this policy change could lead to disparate treament of Sikh travelers, it appears that they are being singled out for secondary screenings soley on the basis of physical manifestations of their religious beliefs. Moreover, we find it troubling that the policy was changed without any consultation with the impacted communities, and minimal information has been made public regarding the new procedures.”