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Poem: “On Strength”


A classmate asked me once,
“What religion are you?”
I proudly replied,
She went on to say,
“Oh, I’ve heard of the Sikhs.
You know the most striking thing about
you guys is the remarkable inner
strength that you all have.”
That strength is tested every day throughout a person’s life.
It’s very easy to go with the current of a river and yield to the pressures of society.
But, it’s remarkable to go against the current.
Though you may feel alone when you’re born, while you’re living and again when you die
You’re not because there is always a being watching, protecting and helping you.
Waheguru (God) loves and protects you and most of all gives you the strength needed to swim upriver.

- Rajnarind Kaur*

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  • Poem: “Dear Son of Mine”

    A poem written by a Sikh mother to her son — click on the image below.

    Mother’s Poem by Rajnarind Kaur

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  • Great Poem. Thanks Preeti Kaur for writing it! Where Ever it is Dark.


    i will be like a prince
    a shooting star
    bright and brave
    where ever it is dark

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