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Fiona Aboud is a first-class professional photographer. Clients of her work include Time, Sports Illustrated, and the New York Times. I had the opportunity to meet her in person, and she’s as cool as she sounds. She’s spent the last year working on a project titled “Sikhs in America,” and needs our help — we need to vote for her project so she can win funding to finish the publication of the book. I’ve seen previews of the book and I think it’s awesome. We need more books like this on America’s shelves.

You can see samples from the project here: Sikhs in America and on the Blurb Website: Sikhs in America

Here’s how you can help:
Go to this link: Sikhs in America @ Blurb
Click on VOTE (orange box at left). Create a login and register your vote.

Contact Fiona directly (through her website) if you want to get in touch with her about supporting the project. Great stuff Fiona, thank you for it!

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  • Canadian Sikhs at the Olympics

    So something totally random and cool happened recently. The Sikhs on the Canadian Olympic team all donned “Canadian Red” turbans for the opening ceremony. Unfortunately I haven’t found many great pictures of the occurrence — just this one featured on sikhchic. Way to show your pride for your country and your roots.

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  • Langar in Leicester

    Just a random flickr photo. ;)

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  • Sikhs fill Mehfil Magazine

    Sikhs in MehfilWe previously reported on Parminder Singh’s success — and it looks like Mehfil Magazine is catching up. Parminder Singh is on the cover, flanked by Sonny Singh and some other Sikhs that I haven’t heard of until now, like Jatinder Singh, the guy that started “sikhcess” — the worldwide movement designed to feed the needy. Some great stuff to read, check it out, and click on my screenshot to see what I mean.

    Tarun SinghWow, this is great news. Congrats to Tarun Singh, the winner of a $10,000 Sikh scholarship from the Sikh Scholarship Foundation. The fact that we have a Sikh Scholarship Foundation that actually awards scholarship is amazing, and the winner, Tarun, is excellent. Though I’ve never met him, my brief correspondence with him has been rewarding in itself.

    Let’s not forget how great an achievement this is. Zillions of small groups award scholarships for various reasons in the US, and are usually backed by very large funds and endowments. And now we have a foundation dedicated to awarding budding Sikh youth that are on the path to success by society’s standards as well as Sikhi’s standards. Yes!

    If I were in school now I’d apply for this scholarship!

    Congrats again Tarun Singh! The full press release from the Sikh Scholarship Foundation is after the jump.


    Earlier this month I had the distinct honor and pleasure of participating in the National Catholic-Sikh Dialogue organized by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the World Sikh Council. It’s a multi-year effort designed to deepen understanding between the two communities. As one of the ten Sikh participants I gained a great deal of knowledge and reaffirmed a bunch of truths I hold dear. I also made some new, awesome Catholic friends!

    I once again saw that people of faith have a great deal in common, and that interfaith dialogue is itself part of the spiritual practice of being a Sikh. Through dialogue, you learn a great deal about yourself and gain some perspective on your faith. One of the things I appreciated about Catholicism was the discipline that Catholics keep around “orders.” There are many different orders of Catholics — like Franciscans, Dominicans, Paulists, and others. Some orders may be monks and nuns, while others live in the world. But they all seem to get along in a very organized and disciplined way. They all agree to a core set of beliefs and practices, and then they have slight differences in focus. I was impressed by that. I imagine Sikhs would have the same thing–our unifying feature would be the minimum discipline imposed by the Rehat Maryada (5K’s, etc) and then the ‘orders’ could form around different things like kirtan, sewa, and exercise (:)). Sometimes it seems that we need to get along better as Sikhs, and the Catholics who’ve been around for about 2000 years have figured out how to do it.


    Great Photo

    Check out these two Sikh Gentlemen representing. The sorta look like gangstas. Sikh Photo.

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