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OMG Sikh Speed Dating!

It’s called Gursikh Speed Meeting — and it’s got a simple objective. To get Gursikh boys and girls to meet each other. In common parlance, one would call this event “speed dating,” but hey, our community is not ready for such terms. We can thank Shakespeare for saying “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and dating by any other name works great for Gursikhs, too.

It’s great that we have such an event. Do you think I should show up?

Boston, MA – The 6th GurSikh Speed Meeting is to be conducted in 3 weeks, so if you are single, Gursikh and looking for that ‘CLICK’, you must experience this event!! Do not miss this amazing opportunity away from the awkwardness of the typical “cha-sha” arranged meeting of the boy’s and girl’s families or the tediousness of matrimonial ads thru the newspaper and internet. If you want to meet interesting individuals in a casual, yet excited atmosphere, we urge you to register asap.

Anyway if you think we have it rough in the Sikh Community, just read this excellent New York Times article about what goes down with some of our Muslim friends. They have big banquets for kids and parents to all meet each other. Here’s a great choice quote:

Parents are now corralled along one edge of the reception hall, where they alternate between craning their necks to see who their adult children are meeting or horse-trading bios, photographs and telephone numbers among themselves.

I love the New York Times. Anyway here are full details on the speed meeting event coming up. Thanks to Rajnarind Kaur for the info.

Read this document on Scribd: BostonSept2008
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  • The Sikh Research Institute recently held a retreat for young married couples in Toronto. Good stuff. Hopefully, in a few years, I’ll be attending a similar retreat. PDF of press release below.