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Here’s some footage from the Sikh Sabha of New Jersey Turban Tying Competition in May of this year. I was too old for the competition, but I got to hang around and be a sacrificial subject to ‘calibrate’ the judges. ;) We took the video in fun, but the event had a great message: we should tie our Dastaars with unrelenting confidence and pride in who we are. There’s actually quite a bit of awesome video from the Mela that I should probably clip together. This is the first movie I’ve ever made — it’s just the beginning.

Anyway, do you think this video is appropriate for submission in the SikhNet Film festival? At the old age of 27 I don’t qualify for any prizes. ;)

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  • Sikh Swim Community Center

    Some of my friends invited me to go swimming today — a request that is making me drop everything and head to the pool around 5pm. Fortunately the community center has open hours today for swimming:

    The community center is located at 1 Nagar Kirtan Way, Lohgarh, NJ 01469-1699 and is just a few miles away from where I live.

    I hope you give me some points for creativity and imagination, folks! Seriously though, wouldn’t this be cool? I remember many years ago, some Gursikhs started the Chardhi Kalaa Sikh Community Center in San Jose, CA. I’m not sure why it disappeared, but from what I remember, they had a similar vision and were on the right track to what we need in this country.

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  • Popstars Singh

    Funny video that you’ve probably seen a few times already, but I archive it here for your enjoyment.

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  • “Ba Ba Black Sheep” in Raag

    Sikhs are required to be expert musicians, because the hymns in our sacred text are set to Raags–musical scales. The following video is evidence of this fact.

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  • Video: What it means to be a Sikh

    I’m staying with some British friends in San Francisco, and they pointed me to this hilarious clip from Goodness Gracious Me. The video reminds all of us that there’s more to being a Sikh than just sporting the outward identity. :) What are your thoughts?