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SMU Sikh Turban Day

smu turban day.The Sikhs at SMU held a turban day as well, and here’s a neat photo from it.

Sikhs spread knowledge, good food

Washington Square News has an excellent article on a langar hosted by the NYU United Sikh Association. The article describes a win-win situation for all. The NYU students get some good food and expand their horizons by learning a bit about Sikhs. The NYU Sikhs get to do some seva (selfless service) and serve everyone a free meal in the time-honored tradition of the Sikh faith. I hope many more college Sikh organizations can follow the lead of NYU — they even have a full week of activities planned. Special thanks to Kate Thuma for her well-written article!

Darsh Singh: Always a winner

darsh singh
Darsh Singh is the man. And this article does a great job of telling us why. It’s always great to see folks that maintain the ideals of Sikhi and translate them directly into success in all aspects of life. Anyway check out the full article. Kudos to Bhajneet Singh for reporting this to the sikhswim staff when the story was first reported.

Always a winner – that’s Darsh Singh


In the multipurpose room at the Nyumburu Cultural Center yesterday, a free dinner of traditional Indian food was served to anyone who showed up, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity or religion.

The catch: They all had to eat on the floor.

The dinner was called a langar, a Punjabi word meaning “free kitchen.” An important event for adherents to Sikhism, the dinner was hosted by the Sikh Students Association.

Full Article: A place to sit for all walks of life