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Sikhs fill Mehfil Magazine

Sikhs in MehfilWe previously reported on Parminder Singh’s success — and it looks like Mehfil Magazine is catching up. Parminder Singh is on the cover, flanked by Sonny Singh and some other Sikhs that I haven’t heard of until now, like Jatinder Singh, the guy that started “sikhcess” — the worldwide movement designed to feed the needy. Some great stuff to read, check it out, and click on my screenshot to see what I mean.

Sikhs Run Across Canada, Summer 2009

The Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation is planning an ambitious nationwide relay run this summer, to commemorate the group’s 10th anniversary. The stated objectives are to raise money for underprivileged kids and promote awareness about Sikhi. As a fairly regular runner, I can say that this looks to be an exciting event. Check out the planning slide deck below for details on the relay (source page) and contact Parminder Kaur [p flora 23 at yahoo . com] for more information.

Read this doc on Scribd: ACR Meeting 5

The Guru Gobind Singh children’s foundation is a youth run initiative has been raising money for underprivileged children in developing countries since 1999. Not only has the foundation raised tens of thousands of dollars, but it has also brought mainstream recognition for Sikhi.

The foundation’s main fund raiser each year is a relay run. In the past they have done runs from Toronto to Ottawa, Niagara Falls to Toronto and 24 hour runs in addition to a wide variety of runs and fund raisers.

To celebrate the foundation’s 10th anniversary in 2009, the youth are planning a relay run across Canada.
The run run will raise money for children as well as raise awareness of Sikhi in Canada.

The initial planning groundwork is in process and now the foundation mostly requires a large source of volunteers to actually take part in the run.

The Sikh Research Institute recently held a retreat for young married couples in Toronto. Good stuff. Hopefully, in a few years, I’ll be attending a similar retreat. PDF of press release below.

The CBC Incident

From the BC Sikh Youth:

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fatheh!

Yesterday, on the National on CBC, Terry Milewski presented a careful threaded web of lies, inconsistencies, and prejudiced statements to effectively shut down the annual Vaisakhi celebrations, prevent Sikhs in Canada from having a political voice, stereotype the Sikh community as a violent and hate-filled group, and put the blame for terrorist acts on innocent Sikhs.

Please view this disgusting mockery of journalism below: /blog/video/politicseconomy/samosa_politics.html

More relevant links:



Please express your opinion in an intelligent and peaceful manner, but be very clear that the Sikh community has no involvement in terrorism, and has the right to peacefully celebrate Vaisakhi and campaign for freedom from oppression.

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa,
Vaheguru ji ki fatheh !

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