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There are a few reasons why “sikhswim” is a fitting name:

  1. In Gurbani, there are many references to “swimming across the world-ocean.” A common one is in Kirtan Sohila — “tario brahm gyani,” which means that God’s divines will swim across the world-ocean.
  2. Many Sikh adults don’t know how to swim. Oh, the irony. Hopefully more Sikhs will become expert swimmers because of this blog!
  3. According to Sikh Martial Artist Nidhar Singh, Guru Gobind Singh’s favorite sport was swimming. Sikhs would be encouraged to destroy boats and then swim across rivers. Attacking armies could not follow the Sikhs, because the attackers didn’t know how to swim. (Sikhs were heavily persecuted in the 1600s for radical beliefs like the equality of women.)
  4. And finally, sikhswim is almost “sikhism” but we add one letter — the ‘w’ to symbolize ‘web’. Because we all love the world wide web.

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