Here’s a creative idea/fundraiser being hosted by the Sikh Coalition:

Sikh Coaliton Bowl a Thon Fundraiser
Im not sure if you heard but the Sikh Coalition is sponsoring a
Bowl-A-Thon Fundraising Event on Sunday December 5th from 4:30-7pm. I was wondering if you were interested in participating. If you’re interested, there are several ways to get involved. We’re trying to
get people to create teams of 7 people. We’ve decided that each team goal is to raise a minimum of $700. Now with that in mind if you have
10 team members each person is responsible for $100. Although the $700 may seem like a lot of money, it’s pretty much asking one person to ask maybe 5 of their closest friends/family/co-workers to donate
$20….when you look at it that way, it seems like a manageable goal.
Or if they’re super popular ($5-10). Some people may even decide since it’s a bowl-a-thon that they can ask close friends to sponsor $2 for every pin that they knock down, etc. Whatever way helps them reach their goal. It’s just about being creative :)

Now if you’re really enthusiastic about bowling or the Sikh Coaltion
or just a social butterfly–I highly recommend that you become a ‘team
leader’! Im sure you’re probably wondering what the “team leader” job
description entails….. but the short sweet summary is that it’s
someone who helps build a team together of 7 invidivuals and keep them rallied and motivated. The team leaders keep track to make sure that their team members are meeting their goals to help raise money and also keep the team spirit alive. The more competitve people get, the more chance that the Coalition will be able to raise the funds that
they need. We’ll make it somewhat easier for you by guiding you onto
a website to help keep track of this info (i can send you more info if
you’re interested).

Now let me know if you’re interested in being a “team leader” or just
a ‘participant’. If you feel like it’s hard coming up with 6 other
members, please dont let that hinder you from becoming a participant
or a team leader. I know several people who are interested in becoming involved and i can help you connect with them…plus, it could be a
great way to expand your sangat and meet new friends :)

If you really dont have the time or just hate bowling and still want
to be involved. Drop me a line (I was recently finagled into being a
‘team leader’ myself–so I’m always looking for donations–if you’re
willing to help a sister out :P )

Let me know if you have any further questions. I’m also terrible at
responding to facebook messages, so please feel free to email me at

Thanks for your interest!
Look forward to hearing from you.

PS–Please forward this email out to all of your friends who may be
interested …we’re trying to spread the message and be inclusive as
possible….the more the merrier :) Gurfateh!