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From the Sikh Spirit Foundation:

Help us assist the Sikh Community. Tell us how you would spend $25,000 to improve Sikh Education or your local Gurduara for a chance to win an iPod!

Submit two written paragraphs explaining what you would do and how it would help the Sikh Community.

Project ideas should be submitted to by March 25, 2009.

Winners will be announced by April 10, 2009.

Grand Prize - iPod Nano.

First Five submissions will receive a t-shirt of choice from

The Sikh Spirit Foundation intends to pursue the winning idea this summer by inviting the global community to submit proposals for the project. The Foundation will select and fund the best proposal among the submissions.

Click for the full size flier:

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  • Sikh on Food Network

    This story is from 2006, but cool nonetheless. Mandeep Kaur Writes:

    So, i was watching the food network the other day and I saw an episode where a Sikh gentleman, Daljeet Singh from Florida, participated in a “Build A Better Burger” challenge using his own recipe. I was impressed to see Mr. Singh because it goes to show that Sikhs are paving paths in all parts of society- even All-American Food Competitions!

    Mr. Singh was Chardi Kala donning a red turban that matched his food network challenge apron…nice touch! He also demonstrated great sportsmanship informing a fellow competitor, while he himself was pressed for time, about a trouble that occurred to their preparations. In the end, Mr. Singh didn’t win but was all smiles and still managed to impress the judges with his unique burger (his burger inspired iron chef, Cat Cora, to do a bellydance!) ;)
    I know you like hearing about Sikh American achievements, so I thought I’d share the news. Here is Mr. Daljeet Singh’s recipe and a link to show timings:

    If you click on the “Episode: Build a better Burger III” link, you can find future show timings.

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  • Sikh on Front Page

    Image of a Sikh on the front page, just below the news about Slumdog Millionaire. Cool!


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  • CNN on Sikhs

    Challenges, rewards for those who wear faith on their sleeve

    Yay! Some national exposure for the Sikh identity. Thank you Ajitpal Singh Raina and Ameek Singh Sodhi! Great work guys!

    Hopefully people will realize that:

    1) Sikhism is a distinct religion.

    2) Sikhs do not make an exclusive claim on the Divine.

    3) In Sikhism, women are given 100% equality in everything.

    4) Sikhs support science at a way to explain the creation — there is no ‘creation story’.

    5) Sikhism is a way of life.

    6) There is no future time or event that Sikhs look forward to. What’s important is the here and now.

    7) The most sacred shrine in the world, for a Sikh, is her own mind.

    I can think of a few more. But these are the key points. :)


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  • Punjabi NHL Broadcast to Expand

    hockey night sikh

    NHL Play by Play in Punjabi Scores Big Time

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  • There’s nothing better than scientifically defensible evidence when making a case. The Harvard Law School graduates at Ensaaf know this well, so they teamed up with Benetech’s HRDAG (Human Rights Data Analysis Group) to produce some academically sound findings regarding mass disappearances and extrajudicial executions in Punjab. You can listen to the excellent podcast here:

    Ensaaf & Benetech Podcast on Human Rights in Punjab

    Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? Most would agree that it’s a great film. But it’s especially great because it touches on torture as a commonplace technique used by the Indian police. (Remember when Jamal was being electrocuted?) This report takes it beyond movie references and produces some cold, hard numbers about the gravity of this problem and how justice has not been served to the countless innocent victims.

    Here’s a link to the full press release and report as well. If India is such a great state it will work with human rights activists to expose these atrocities and punish those involved.

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  • Site was down, did you notice?

    Looks like I was having server problems (or a rival Sikh blog launched a DoS attack). Anyway the site is back up now. ;)

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