Speaking of the Sikh Research Institute, they recently reported on Arpinder Kaur, a pilot for American Airlines. The SikhRI Press Release is titled “First Turbaned Sikh Pilot In America.” Congrats Arpinder Kaur! You’re well on your way to being the first Captain!

The Sikh Research Institute is proud to share the news that Kaur is now the first turbaned Sikh pilot to fly for a commercial airline in the United States. “Two of the reasons I did this were: first, my love of flying and, second, to set a precedent for the community so they know you can be in your Sikh appearance and do anything out there; so that my younger brothers and sisters [the rising generation] will pursue their passions while practicing their Sikh faith,” Kaur said.

I remember meeting Arpinder Kaur a few years ago at a retreat in Portland, where she shared her vision of being a Sikh pilot. True to her word, she’s achieved it! Here’s a YouTube video by friend of sikhswim Raj Singh:

And here’s the full press release.

Read this document on Scribd: Sikh Pilot