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Sikh Kirtan Courses at Hofstra

Good stuff, perhaps I will check it out. These courses are taught by Bhai Baldeep Singh and Dr. Gurnaam Singh, so it’s serious stuff and they are for-credit courses as well.

The first course will be taught by Bhai Baldeep Singh (Delhi, India), a 13th generation Sikh Kirtan exponent (vocalist, percussionist, string player), Instrument Maker, Lecturer, Archivist, and founder of ANAD Conservatory: An Institute of Sikh Aesthetics and Culture. The second course will be taught by Dr. Gurnam Singh, a Performer of Gurmat Sangeet, and Chair of Sikh Music at Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India, and author of a series of influential books and articles, with two decades of experience in research and teaching). The courses are being sponsored by an Endowment gifted by Dr. Hakam Singh to establish a Chair in Sikh Music at Hofstra University in conjunction with the HCLAS. A key attraction for each course will be a public concert that each Instructor will perform (see the concerts).

These two chairs, the Bindra Chair in Sikh Studies, and the future Sardarni Harbans Kaur Chair in Sikh Musicology, alongside subsequent workshops, lectures series, and a developing curriculum, will make Hofstra University’s Religion Department unique in the world, promoting a locus dedicated to the exploration and advancement of the study of the Sikh tradition from religious, philosophical as well as aesthetic and performative perspectives.

hosftra sikh music courses

Full Details at Credit Courses - Sikh Studies

OMG Sikh Speed Dating!

It’s called Gursikh Speed Meeting — and it’s got a simple objective. To get Gursikh boys and girls to meet each other. In common parlance, one would call this event “speed dating,” but hey, our community is not ready for such terms. We can thank Shakespeare for saying “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and dating by any other name works great for Gursikhs, too.

It’s great that we have such an event. Do you think I should show up?

Boston, MA – The 6th GurSikh Speed Meeting is to be conducted in 3 weeks, so if you are single, Gursikh and looking for that ‘CLICK’, you must experience this event!! Do not miss this amazing opportunity away from the awkwardness of the typical “cha-sha” arranged meeting of the boy’s and girl’s families or the tediousness of matrimonial ads thru the newspaper and internet. If you want to meet interesting individuals in a casual, yet excited atmosphere, we urge you to register asap.

Anyway if you think we have it rough in the Sikh Community, just read this excellent New York Times article about what goes down with some of our Muslim friends. They have big banquets for kids and parents to all meet each other. Here’s a great choice quote:

Parents are now corralled along one edge of the reception hall, where they alternate between craning their necks to see who their adult children are meeting or horse-trading bios, photographs and telephone numbers among themselves.

I love the New York Times. Anyway here are full details on the speed meeting event coming up. Thanks to Rajnarind Kaur for the info.

Read this document on Scribd: BostonSept2008
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  • Congrats to Anisha Kaur, who won the staff recognition award at the University of Connecticut for her outstanding work over the last five years as an academic advisor.

    Full story: UConn Kicks off School Year With Celebration

    Academic advisor Anisha Chanana is receiving the staff recognition award this year. Chanana advises hundreds of students a year and administers the Links program, which is intended to get struggling students off academic probation.

    But for Chanana, 28, the recognition is bittersweet. After five years as an academic advisor at UConn Stamford, and after being nominated every year for the University of Connecticut’s advisor of the year award, Chanana is leaving UConn next Friday to get married and move to Canada.

    Congrats on the wedding as well, Anisha! And thanks, Sachdeep, for the tip.

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  • Here’s some footage from the Sikh Sabha of New Jersey Turban Tying Competition in May of this year. I was too old for the competition, but I got to hang around and be a sacrificial subject to ‘calibrate’ the judges. ;) We took the video in fun, but the event had a great message: we should tie our Dastaars with unrelenting confidence and pride in who we are. There’s actually quite a bit of awesome video from the Mela that I should probably clip together. This is the first movie I’ve ever made — it’s just the beginning.

    Anyway, do you think this video is appropriate for submission in the SikhNet Film festival? At the old age of 27 I don’t qualify for any prizes. ;)

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  • Speaking of the Sikh Research Institute, they recently reported on Arpinder Kaur, a pilot for American Airlines. The SikhRI Press Release is titled “First Turbaned Sikh Pilot In America.” Congrats Arpinder Kaur! You’re well on your way to being the first Captain!

    The Sikh Research Institute is proud to share the news that Kaur is now the first turbaned Sikh pilot to fly for a commercial airline in the United States. “Two of the reasons I did this were: first, my love of flying and, second, to set a precedent for the community so they know you can be in your Sikh appearance and do anything out there; so that my younger brothers and sisters [the rising generation] will pursue their passions while practicing their Sikh faith,” Kaur said.

    I remember meeting Arpinder Kaur a few years ago at a retreat in Portland, where she shared her vision of being a Sikh pilot. True to her word, she’s achieved it! Here’s a YouTube video by friend of sikhswim Raj Singh:

    And here’s the full press release.

    Read this document on Scribd: Sikh Pilot
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  • Sikhi Web Seminars

    So the Sikh Research Institute is spinning up some web seminars, using WebEx. Sikhri has a track record of producing solid, well-researched, and academically defensible content. You can sign up for the web seminars at the link below. Registration is free — so go for it. I signed up for all of them. Yay. I first heard about them on sikhpulse.

    Sign Up For Sikhri Seminars!

    Note to Sikhri folks–I’m going to assume you are paying for WebEx. There are free/cheaper tools that do the exact same thing. Try for Adobe’s version (ConnectNow), for a startup competitor, and Google Doc’s own Presentations feature that allows syncronized content presentation over the web. How do I know this? My day job.

    Canadian Sikhs at the Olympics

    So something totally random and cool happened recently. The Sikhs on the Canadian Olympic team all donned “Canadian Red” turbans for the opening ceremony. Unfortunately I haven’t found many great pictures of the occurrence — just this one featured on sikhchic. Way to show your pride for your country and your roots.

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  • Sarika wins Kara Case

    This is the first in a series of quick updates. Quite a bit has happened since I last posted!

    So Sarika Singh, a British Sikh girl who was not allowed to wear her Kara because it fell outside the bounds of her school uniform, took her case to the High Court in England and won.

    Pretty cool. The following article includes a detailed timeline. Thanks Wales Online!
    Sarika Allowed Back to School After Bangle Victory