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Rajdeep Singh talks about the Disney Case on the Interfaith Alliance’s weekly program, “State of Belief.”

He touches on some of the ignorance shown among regular Americans regarding the case:

“One person said something to the effect that he’d be happy to shave off Sukhbir’s head himself, for someone to suggest [this, it's] an attack on deeply held religious beliefs.”

And he makes a great point about “the Disney look”:

When Disney tells somebody they don’t have the disney look, that’s akin to saying they don’t have the American look — and that raises a very fundamental question, which is, what an American is supposed to look like?

You can listen below — forward to 2:50 You can find the same clip on the State of Belief website. Nice work Rajdeep!

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  • Check out the “say it now” online t-shirt shop — it sells some cool Sikh shirts. Whether you’re American, Canadian, Thai, or any of several other nationalities, the site has a Sikh shirt for you. The shirts express Sikh and national pride and include national flags. Here’s an example.

    sikh t-shirt by \'say it now\'

    The front of the shirt highlights a quote from Guru Tegh Bahadur, and the back does something I’ve never seen before on a Sikh shirt — it clears up any confusion as to who we are.

    Some may be a bit surprised by this and ask, “Why does the shirt say we are not ‘Jain’ or ‘Arab’ for example?” Well the simple truth is that we as Sikhs are not any of the terms in the list, yet we’re often confused with these other groups, so this shirt hopes to clear the ever-present fog. It’s no different than what you’d learn in a world religions class. It’s definitely a great shirt to wear in an airport security line. It’s cool, expresses your country pride, and covers the basics about who we are — I’m ordering one!

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  • Sikh Swim Community Center

    Some of my friends invited me to go swimming today — a request that is making me drop everything and head to the pool around 5pm. Fortunately the community center has open hours today for swimming:

    The community center is located at 1 Nagar Kirtan Way, Lohgarh, NJ 01469-1699 and is just a few miles away from where I live.

    I hope you give me some points for creativity and imagination, folks! Seriously though, wouldn’t this be cool? I remember many years ago, some Gursikhs started the Chardhi Kalaa Sikh Community Center in San Jose, CA. I’m not sure why it disappeared, but from what I remember, they had a similar vision and were on the right track to what we need in this country.

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  • Cool Site:

    The web design on this site speaks for itself. It’s just really well done and I like it. It’s created by Gurpreet Kaur, a Sikh woman pursuing her passion for photography.

    Don’t ask me why I’m looking at a site called “” though!

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  • Langar in Leicester

    Just a random flickr photo. ;)

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  • March for Sikh Children

    The Sikh Coalition coordinated a march for Sikh children in response to the recent wave of attacks on Sikh kids in New York area schools. Here are some photos and news reports from the event.

    CBS Video: Queens Residents March Against School Bias Attacks

    Fox Video: Sikhs Protest in Queens

    New York Times: Queens Sikhs March Against Bias Crimes

    Sikh Pulse: United Front