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Neat reasons to be a Sikh

Karta Purakh Khalsa writes down 10 reasons why he’s proud to be a Sikh. You can read the full post, but the following one really stood out:

1. - It is the first religion I have ever encountered that is named after me and not its founder.

Good point, eh? Sikhi is all about you, your spiritual path, and your constant learning and growth.

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  • Excerpt:

    In the multipurpose room at the Nyumburu Cultural Center yesterday, a free dinner of traditional Indian food was served to anyone who showed up, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity or religion.

    The catch: They all had to eat on the floor.

    The dinner was called a langar, a Punjabi word meaning “free kitchen.” An important event for adherents to Sikhism, the dinner was hosted by the Sikh Students Association.

    Full Article: A place to sit for all walks of life

    Congrats to all the sewadars that made this event a Sikhcess!


    On Saturday, at the Lawrence Gurudwara Sikh temple on Bakers Basin Road, nearly 100 volunteers turned out to put together 6,000 food packages assembly-line style as part of the British Columbia-based Sikhcess’ “Feed the Homeless Campaign.”

    Those food packages were then brought to New York, where an additional 4,000 were made and distributed throughout the city and in New Jersey. Similar efforts have also been under way to benefit other areas, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Vancouver and Toronto.

    Read the Full Article: Sikh temple participates in ‘Food for Homeless’ drive

    Video: Sikh FBI Agent

    Yup, Sikhs are FBI agents too!

    Video from the Vigil in Seattle

    Thanks Kim Holcomb and King5 for putting together this excellent report.

    See the video here: Sikh community rallies around attacked cab driver

    Shout out to the UW Sikhs for forwarding this link. And they humbly write:

    Now let us do ardaas to Sri Vahaguru Ji to ensure the quick recovery of Sukhvir Singh. Let us also pray for the assailant in this case, 20 year old Luis Vasquez, for that is the Sikh way; we are for “Sarbat da Bhala,” the good of all mankind.

    Also, Sujot forwarded the following photo, snapped by Heather Kaur.

    the vigil at renton gurdwara

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  • November 28, 2007
    6:00 pmto8:00 pm

    The Seattle Sikh community is organizing a Candlelight Vigil for 6pm Wednesday at Renton Gurdwara. Sukhvir Singh was brutally attacked on Saturday and is in the hospital. Please try to attend and show your support for Sukhvir Singh and all other victims of hate crimes. See the official flyer below.

    News Articles:
    KOMO4 Video Report
    King 5 Report and Video Interview
    Seattle PI: Intoxicated fan accused of beating Sikh cab driver
    Seattle Times: Sikh cab driver injured in assault, Kent man arrested
    Seattle Times: Hate-crime charge filed in attack on Sikh cab driver

    Sikh Coalition Press Releases (with photographs):
    Sikh Suffers Brutal Hate Attack in Seattle
    Sikh Hate Crime Victim Back in Hospital

    Beyond a detailed commentary on Guru Nanak’s life, this 20-minute video has concurrent subtitles in 13 languages! Impressive!

    Online Videos by
    Source Page:

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  • Seattle Sikh Cab Driver Attacked

    The Sikh Coalition reports that a cab driver has been brutally attacked in Seattle. It happened this past Saturday. As a Seattle Sikh myself, I’m confident the Seattle Sikh Community and the King County Police will pursue the details of this case until justice is served.

    (Seattle, WA) November 26, 2007 - A Sikh cab driver was brutally assaulted by a passenger on Saturday, the night of Gurpurab. Sukhvir Singh’s attacker threatened to kill him, calling him a “terrorist” as he punched and bit him, pulling locks of hair from his head. The Sikh Coalition calls on the King’s County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to prosecute the incident as a hate crime.

    The full PR after the jump.

    Meet Your Sikh Neighbor in Scotland

    The Scottish Sikh Community is organizing a “meet your Sikh neighbor” event. Now that’s pretty cool. Go Scottish Sikhs.

    Scotsman: Meet your Sikh Neighbor

    Guru Nanak’s Birthday

    So, calendar issues aside, November 24, 2007 was Guru Nanak’s Birthday. Spirit Born People has a nice writeup on this. I post some excerpts below. Visit the link for the full explanation. There’s also a nice article titled “Guru taught God-conscious truths of equality, unity” in the Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard Newspaper.

    On the topic of Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary I thought I would share with you the words of a great scholar, commentator, philosopher, poet, administrator (he was the first jathedar of the Akal Takhat) and, in general, thought leader of the Sikhs. This is what Bhai Gurdas ji wrote about the coming of Guru Nanak many many years ago.

    Imagine, if you will, walking in an area where one cannot see anything because of mist, dust, and darkness. Then suddenly the mist and dust clears and resplendent light shines bright. Imagine, if you will, a dark night with only the occasional twinkle of stars in the sky that may seem beautiful but really don’t give aid to the direction of our walking path. Then suddenly the sun rises, the skies are bright and the sparkling stars are over taken by the bright shining light of the sun - now one can see where they are walking. Imagine, if you will, a jungle with quiet and calm deer munching along in the brushes and grass and suddenly the sovereign lion comes out of the trees and roars loudly communicating its presence. The deer scatter away in fear as the king of the jungle has come to establish its empire. That was the feeling when Guru Nanak came to this earth. Wherever the great Baba went, there was established a place of learning. All the hearts he touched became active with remembrance of the Divine and all the homes he visited became active with societal and community service. The pursuit of Truth became the passion for everyone and this revolution hit everywhere.

    Such was the coming of Guru Nanak, the First Prophet of the Sikh Nation…

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