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Sikh Orphan Fund

Preeti Kaur writes:

please take note of this service oriented ngo:

Seems like a decent organization from the website.

Monty has created some buzz around himself and Sikhi, making the sports world a bit more aware, at the very least. He’s also leaner and taller than his older brother. Go Monty! Sports Illustrated and the Washington Post have taken notice. Sports Illustrated article. Washington Post article.

Make sure you submit your essay to this year’s contest. It’s great to see lots of folks excited about the topic–they’re looking for both sides of the issue and have more information about the contest online here. First place is $1000!

Inni Kaur writes:

Dear Sangat:

The film AMU needs our help. The community has not come out and shown its support and the opening of AMU in other cities is in jeopardy.

A way to show your support - even if you are not in Manhattan.

Please go to the net to the Cinema Village link and buy a one 10 dollar ticket to the
film. Just one.

This would be your contribution in internationalizing the issue of ‘84.

The link is:

The success of AMU in NY affects the opening in the rest of the US.

If you feel 1984s story needs to be heard and the silence to be broken please buy 1 ticket and show your support. This week in crucial - please show your support.

Gur Fateh
Inni Kaur