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CNN on Arranged Marriage

CNN has posted a great story on arranged marriage that takes a Sikh wedding as an example. I’ve never been to India, but it seems so familiar. Both the bride and groom have MBAs. I’m not sure how my life is going to play out. This video paints a fairly rosy picture of arranged marriage. Make sure you watch it.

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  • Great Photo

    Check out these two Sikh Gentlemen representing. The sorta look like gangstas. Sikh Photo.

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  • The Seattle Sikh Retreat, May 25-28.

    It’s almost here! The Seattle Sikh Retreat 2007 is an opportunity for you to discuss and grow in your Sikhi in a “modern” environment. Questioning and analysis of the Sikh way of life is encouraged, and almost everything will get translated to English. Take a look at the retreat’s website. There are only a handful of retreats in North America. There’s a Chicago/Detroit Retreat by invitation only, the Toronto Sikh Retreat, and there once were Sikh Network Retreats which happened every six months. For now, the Seattle Sikh Retreat is #2 in the annual sequence of Sikh retreats and conferences. The current sequence is Surat, January - Seattle, May - Jakara, June - and Jago, September. So there we have it. Check out the site and be sure to register!

    Welcome to, a blog tracking the history and experiences of, and shaping the future for, the Sikh community in America and the world. I know, it sounds grand. But we’re starting small, really small. This first post is about a racial profiling study. The study is an attempt to prove that racial profiling is a waste of time and resources–so please fill it out! Here’s the form.

    UPenn Profiling Study

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